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Junior Shipwrights

This is a 10-hour informal education program that involves youth, ages 12-20, to help restore Stormvogel, the last of the sailing cargo boats of the ABC Islands.

Participants receive hands-on experience working next to experienced Bonairean shipwrights while completing nine hours restoration work on the ship. They also attend one-hour of talks on the islands’ maritime heritage.

Upon completion of the 10-hour program students receive certificates of achievement, Stormvogel “restoration crew” T-shirts and are invited to work on the boat as a volunteer.

Young people from Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB School), Junior Rangers and the CIEE Research Station have participated in the program. 




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Seamanship Program

After the restoration of Stormvogel is complete, the boat will return to the sea.

Experienced adult sailors will teach youth seamanship skills, marine safety and boat maintenance. Above all, the students will experience what it is like to be on board a traditional sailing cargo boat from the last century.

Plans are being made for goodwill tours to the neighboring islands of Curacao and Aruba to share our common maritime heritage. Students will receive blue water sailing experience working as crew.